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Spine-chilling translations
On Halloween 2018 we’ve decided to pay homage to the horrors of the translation world by showing you 10 monstrosities we’ve seen online. But to find out how quality translations are done, click on the pumpkin!   1. #JeSuisFlamingo Just because your word for Llama looks similar to our word for Flamingo, it doesn’t mean […]
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Translation Agency

For every translation project, we select the best linguists from our database of trusted suppliers based on their sector of specialisation and knowledge in the specific field. Every project is handled with care by our project managers to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

Our interpreting services guarantee effective communication in any linguistic register. We guarantee the use of interpreters with full linguistic knowledge and who are able to comfortably handle the terminological, social and cultural variables integral to the conversation.

Our in-house team of DTP experts allows us to offer a print-ready final product. We carry out structured Desktop Publishing services for graphic and audiovisual projects, defining graphic presentation, page design, dubbing and/or subtitling.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting are used for conferences, congresses, and discussion groups with a significant number of participants. Based on the type of service, headphones are used and there are interpreters dedicated to translating the different languages required.

In addition to translation, interpreting and DTP services, we offer our know-how to support companies in other specific fields. Although connected to multilingual communication, these services are clearly distinct and should be considered separately.

Intrawelt is synonymous with excellence in the professional translation and interpreting sector. Since 1991, we have worked alongside public and private companies, SMEs and professional firms, supporting their growth as a trusted partner.

We invest in human resources and technology, ensuring that we are competitive in a world that is constantly changing, with new and innovative means of communication. Our success continues to lie in quick turnaround times, excellent linguistic capability in the full range of sectors and complete confidentiality.

With offices in Italy, the UK and Germany, we are a strategic international partner for professional translation, interpreting, and multilingual document management and DTP.


    We support our clients with know-how and professional skills, offering them successful global communication.


    We invest in technology and qualified resources, which allows us to listen to requirements, analyse variables and formulate rapid, effective and affordable solutions.


    We value our customers. We are proud to collaborate with the most important leading Italian and international companies, supporting their success with our value-added services.


    Every single project is managed with qualified professional resources, monitoring each aspect of the process, from analysing the requirements to providing services and right through to post-project support.


    We use the most innovative technology and cloud infrastructure to improve our procedures and guarantee high service quality. We have the capability to develop web platforms and skilfully manage DTP and document-design tasks.


    Our production cycles and all of our company procedures are certified by TÜV Italia, applying the strictest international standards.


We invest in the continual training of our translators, interpretors and DTP professionals. We do this, not only by making the most of their language skills, but also by allowing them to specialise in different areas.