Our commitment to ethical behaviour and the solid ethical foundations are one of the most essential components of Intrawelt operation. We are committed to doing business the right way, based on a culture of ethics and compliance.

In the long term, we can successfully face the challenges of competitive market environment by accepting the imperatives of moral responsibility, both as individuals and as a company. In performing their job duties, we encourage our employees to always act lawfully, ethically and in the best interests of Intrawelt.

We encourage our people to uphold our values and help us to do things right. It does not only mean that the services we provide are fairly priced and of excellent quality, but also that ethics and integrity are always born in mind.


A corporate culture based on effort, commitment, continued search for excellence, orientation towards results and strict ethical principles is the essential foundation for a profitable business model that is also sustainable in the long term. At Intrawelt we do business while observing, promoting and ensuring the implementation of these principles.

Our ethical principles are the base our Company is founded on. Effort, commitment, dedication to service, integrity, generosity, critical thinking, solidarity and the constant pursuit of excellence: all these are the essential values that are part of our corporate culture.

We are very aware of the importance of conveying this culture throughout the Organization to make it easily identified and value-generating for all our clients, professionals, collaborators and society as a whole.

Our Code of Conduct for Service Providers is a declaration of our ethical principles. Thus, we require every professional working for us to embody these principles when performing their activities. We sthrive for excellence, and the principles dealt with in this Code of Conduct for Service Providers are part of it.