Client-only area dedicated to tools for translation management. Our tools use cutting-edge technology and are 100% secure. This allows for real-time information and project sharing.

Clients may request a quote and share documents for translation directly on our web platform. Our project managers communicate directly with the client throughout the project-management phase, guaranteeing maximum efficiency.


We use separate TCP connections to transfer documentation data and monitor the transfers. Data is protected with sophisticated encryption keys required during the client authentication phase.


T-Rex is a proprietary web-based software, developed according to our specific needs. T-Rex makes it possible to monitor the translation process from the client’s request up to the delivery of the final product.

Project Server

The Project Server is a secure online platform made available to registered users who are assigned specific access, read and write rights based on their specific role (Project Manager, translators, proofreaders, freelancers, clients). and can therefore access specific task of the translation projects published on the server. The platform also includes an email notification system to streamline operations and optimise communication.   

Termbase Server

The Termbase Server makes it possible to provide everyone involved in a project with client-approved and updated terminology. Access to the termbases, which are specific to each client and confidential, occurs through the use of secure credentials based on read/write access that are defined and approved by the client. The termbases can be viewed online from any browser and can be used by both linguists and by the clients, for whom they are a fundamental tool needed to create a corporate identity that is shared and consistent in all working languages.