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How to choose a Translation Partner (part 2)

Let’s start off by making a few assumptions. Ok, so you’ve read “How to choose a Translation Partner (part 1)”. And you agree that translation agencies should be more, what shall we say, trustworthy because, well, they have a business name and… …but hang on! Can’t any Tom, Dick or Harry set up a Translation […]

Arriving on a platform near you…SDL Trados Studio 2011

If you’ve been on the journey to SDL Trados Studio 2011, you might be looking forward to alighting at your destination – if only to stretch your legs. It’s been a long time but we’re almost there. We’re hoping that this time, it’s not the journey that’s important but the getting there because we’re itching […]

IT-EN Translator/Proofreader (ONLY English native speakers)

The in-house position we offer is for our headquarters in central Italy (P.S. Elpidio – FM – Marche region). The linguist (IT-EN Translator-Proofreader) will look after the internal translation workflow and will coordinate the work of English native freelance translators and proofreaders. He/she will be responsible for communicating specific detailed instructions to translators and external […]

Season’s greetings 2015

We wish our customers, friends, supporters and colleagues new and old all the best for the holiday season and the new year. Our offices will remain open over this period to assist you with all your linguistic needs.  

Speaking the Lingo…

Dialects have existed for many years and in many languages; some languages are known to have more dialects than others, and Italian is certainly up there. Halfway through the 20th Century, Italian dialects became less prominent due to a series of different factors; families began to replace dialect with standard Italian to communicate amongst themselves […]

Why we should care more about languages.

Today is The European Day of Languages, did you know that? No? Many others didn’t either. The celebration is an annual event that occurs on 26 September and, to quote the European Commission’s website: “It celebrates the linguistic diversity of a continent with over 200 European languages, 24 official EU languages, about 60 regional/minority languages, and many more spoken by […]