2017 at Intrawelt

What’s in store for Intrawelt in 2017?

The year is already well underway!

2016 brought to a close our 26th year of business, the renewal of our blog and our Intraview Interview series with some of the team. The first month of 2017 has certainly been an exciting one here at Intrawelt, new software, new team members and new plans for the year ahead! So what’s in store in 2017?

All things shiny and new…

Studio 2017 has been circulating through our offices for a few months and at the beginning of January every member of our in-house team made the all important switch to the new version! Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog posts on what we think about the new features and improvements.

New additions to our in-house team!

After the successful addition of an undergraduate intern to our English department in 2016, we widened our search and this month recruited another intern in the German department for duties including project management assistance and revisions.

Both interns have various responsibilities and shadow project managers and other key members of our in-house team; all tasks completed by interns undergo rigorous checks by our expert translators/proofreaders in the relevant field and are submitted to the assigned PM before being delivered to clients. Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing texts for translation;
  • Carrying out internal translations and submitting these to PMs for revision;
  • Carrying out a first revision and editing texts as a preliminary procedure to the final revision;
  • Executing quality control checks in line with strict company guidelines;
  • Creating glossaries and translation memories to assist the process of producing great translations;

Could you be next?

Do the above roles sound interesting to you? Want the chance to work at the Headquarters of Italy’s leading Language Service Provider

To apply for an internship please send your speculative application to: inhouse@intrawelt.it Trainees are accepted on the basis of agreements with Universities and will work alongside an expert in-house translator.

This month we are also accepting applications for the following in-house roles:

Italian native speakers
German native speakers
  • Proofreader/Linguist
English native speakers
  • Proofreader/Linguist


For more information and applications please email us at: inhouse@intrawelt.it or visit our website

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