Intrawelt®, family-friendly by nature

60% of our in-house team, the majority of our managers and a high percentage of our team of freelance translators are women, and many of them are also mothers. Intrawelt® prides itself on being a family-friendly company. In order to run smoothly and take care of our staff who have family commitments, we require a mix of mutual responsibility, flexibility and availability; in addition to a large pinch of dynamism.

Responsibility: both towards their children, who have needs that often cannot be delegated, and towards fellow colleagues, creating a set-up where the company can run smoothly in their absence. This means organising tasks so they can leave others with as little extra work as possible and making the most of technology in order to be able to virtually track projects that are difficult to delegate.

Flexibility: for the company, this means having a corporate structure that can handle the unexpected absence of a Project Manager, a reviser or a graphic designer; for a parent, on the other hand, it means they can start work before other colleagues so that they can have a longer lunch-break to spend time with their children, or they can arrive later and take a shorter lunch-break by taking advantage of the fact that their children may have lunch at school.

Availability: this also works both ways – the company is willing to make small adjustments to working hours and authorise unscheduled leaves of absence; in turn staff can compensate for this freedom by perhaps working outside normal office hours or providing greater availability at busy times.

And finally, dynamism: because the world of translation and language services is a dynamic and fast-paced world by nature, just like the world of parenthood. You have to keep moving and look to the future; because in the end, if you stop, you’ll get left behind!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mums! And above all, to those who, over the last 26 years, have contributed to Intrawelt’s success!

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