New Email Domain and Office 365 for Intrawelt®

The process of internationalisation launched over the last twelve months continues. Intrawelt® has decided to consolidate its corporate brand identity by switching all email addresses to the single domain

The new addresses went live in November for all employees, from our project managers to our business development directors in Italy, Germany and the UK. To guarantee service continuity, during this initial phase of the transition we will also continue to receive emails sent to the old domains (, and
In addition to a single domain, we have also switched to Microsoft Office 365. This platform allows greater optimisation of project management procedures and increased data security, both for the company and our customers. All employees are now able to access Office applications, including email, both online and offline, allowing them to better manage their work anytime, anywhere and from any device. Microsoft Office 365 also provides Intrawelt® users with a wide variety of new communication and sharing tools which will strengthen and simplify internal and external communications.

Recent brand identity, communication and sharing developments will allow Intrawelt® to consolidate its strong reputation and credibility in the language-services sector. It will also allow the company to clearly communicate its increasingly international nature to the market.

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