4 Ways A Sign Language Translator Can Bring Positive Change To Society

Translation has been a part of our lives for centuries, and since the birth of it in days before the bible was even around, it has grown bigger, better and more advanced than ever before. As things continue to grow and the demand for expert translation services increases, having a sign language translator has become a popular choice for a variety of events and projects, and still continues to be this way today.

Sign language translation has helped countless people who suffer from deafness and hearing loss to enjoy things that they couldn’t before. From films and shows to listening to the lyrics from a song, or even enjoying a normal day in life, a sign language interpreter has helped to bring a little normality to the lives of many.

There has been a number of different ways in which translating sign language has brought a positive change to society in recent years. Here are just some of them:

1. Eurovision song contest more accessible thanks to sign-language interpreter.

Israel’s Eurovision entry of 2019 has been made even more accessible by introducing sign language translation for their song. Emissaries from a Jewish agency created a video for the song, featuring sign language interpretation for those with hearing difficulties.

It is hoped that because of this accessibility and it’s success, there will be more opportunities for a sign-language translator to help others enjoy the event and to encourage other events in the future to cater for all.

2. Egyptian TV series includes sign language translation for the first time.

DMC’s series, Zelzal, or ‘Earthquake’ has been made easier for those who are deaf and dumb thanks to translator sign language. The TV network has stepped up with the use of a sign language translator, in a bid to help support those with extra needs, so they too can enjoy the series just like anyone else.

It’s the first time this has been implemented by DMC and the network have agreed to continue with this extra support with other TV shows in the future. Hopefully, the company will be able to promote the idea further afield, encouraging more networks to do their part.

3. School learns sign language to welcome a deaf student.

A 2019 news story about how a whole school came together to learn sign language specifically to be able to communicate with a new student with deafness. In this case, the students and staff of the school became sign language interpreters themselves.

The interpretation began by one single student learning 20 words in sign language, which encouraged staff and other pupils to join in. Not only has this brought a joy to learn a new language into their school, but this news story sparked up interest, raising awareness in the process.

4. Deaf paramedic creates film using sign language for Deaf Awareness Week.

A paramedic who has been deaf from birth has created a short film to help those with hearing loss or difficulties learn how to correctly use an emergency service. The EmergencySMS, a service enabling people to reach emergency services by text message, has been promoted via the video, using the paramedic as a sign language translator.

Because of the creation of the video and the help of local TV and radio, the deaf community are now more educated on the issue and are more aware of the ways in which they can get help. Building awareness in ways such as this is something the emergency services hope will continue in the future.

A sign language translator is a positive addition to events and projects around the world.

As you can see, people from all walks of life are doing their part to help us communicate with each other in a better way, and to understand how things work in society. Communicating effectively with others in any form of language translation is essential, which is why our linguists at Intrawelt are highly sought after.

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