European Commission

Intrawelt works with the European Commission

Since July 2016, Intrawelt has been proud to work with the European Commission. This executive body represents the EU on the international stage drafting new legislation, enacting the decisions of the European Council and Parliament and managing EU policy and funding.

After having successfully completed an arduous selection process and being approved as an external translation provider, for over a year Intrawelt has had the honour of translating on behalf of this important institution for various language combinations, and various texts types from business reports and guidelines to regulations and amendments to directives.

Translating for the European Commission requires careful attention to the topics addressed and sector-specific terminology, in addition to familiarity with the idiolect of these institutions (Euro English). As with any reputable professional translation work, it is essential to maintain high levels of accuracy and consistency, and in this case the need for detailed, attentive research is particularly indispensable, carefully consulting any existing official texts. EUR-lex, for example, allows you to search all types of official texts free of charge (the Official Journal of the European Union, treaties, directives, legislative proposals, international agreements, etc.), translated into the various languages of the Member States.

Given the stringent requirements in terms of conformity and compliance with translation memories, terminology glossaries, instructions and references made available by the European Commission, each translation undergoes a detailed examination by the translation departments at the Directorate General Translation (DGT) who then inform suppliers of their evaluation, accompanied by feedback and an extract of the translated document with evidence of the corrections and improvements that were made. It goes without saying: our track record for projects carried out for the European Union DGT is flawless.

London Calling: Intrawelt® in the UK

At Intrawelt®, we are ambitious and we always think big: after successfully expanding into the Central European market with the opening of our office in Munich three years ago, this year we are embarking on a new challenge, opening a new business development office in London.

Strengthened by our experience and expertise in the financial and legal sectors, we have decided to expand our scope to include the UK. Having consolidated our presence on the Italian and German markets, Intrawelt® is extending its multilingual document-management and interpreting services to British soil. Our professionalism and expertise are guaranteed by TÜV Italia thanks to the certifications awarded in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN 17100:2015 and UNI 10574:2007.

The new office is run by Tim John, Intrawelt® Director of Business Development in the UK, and it joins our network of offices across Europe: Milan, Rome, Perugia, Munich and our head office in Porto Sant’Elpidio in the Italian region of Le Marche.


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