Arriving on a platform near you…SDL Trados Studio 2011


If you’ve been on the journey to SDL Trados Studio 2011, you might be looking forward to alighting at your destination – if only to stretch your legs. It’s been a long time but we’re almost there. We’re hoping that this time, it’s not the journey that’s important but the getting there because we’re itching to get our paws on TS2011.

The TS2011 train looks very much like Japan’s bullet train but, unlike that version, you can’t set your watch by it. Japan’s bullet train sticks to its timetable and you can be certain that when it says it’ll arrive at fourteen minutes and thirty-two seconds past six in the evening,  it’ll arrive then.

The TS2011 will arrive in September. We hope. At least, it’s expected in September. Barring any works on the lines, or the wrong type of snow, or even leaves on the track.


Whenever it arrives, we’ll be the first off, rushing for the station exit to get home as quickly as we can to unwrap our new TS2011 and start playing…can’t wait!!

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