From Le Marche, Italy to international markets: Intrawelt® has been speaking the world’s languages since 1991

Always in step with the times and firmly focussed on the future. Intrawelt® has consolidated its leadership in the sector of translation, interpreting and multilingual document-management services thanks to the skills and professionalism it has developed and consolidated during its 26 years of business. Over a quarter of a century of experience and a client portfolio full of big Italian and international names are a guarantee of our high-quality professional language services. Furthermore, we are certified by TÜV Italia, an internationally recognised body that closely monitors production cycles and project management in order to ensure an excellent service.

Intrawelt® was established on 14 January 1991 thanks to the vision of Alessandro Potalivo who, having finished his studies at the prestigious faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Bologna, decided to launch himself into the field of multilingual document management with an agency targeting the flourishing local market and with an eye, even at this early stage, to expansion on the international market. This challenge was set on a solid base of linguistic training and a great passion for intercultural mediation, as well as experience in the sector acquired during a course of studies involving work with translation agencies in Bologna and local businesses in Le Marche. The initial idea was to create a network of clients – locally and also further afield – in need of high-quality linguistic services. An ambitious and challenging project, which grew with time and really took off in 1995 thanks to the advent of the Internet.

In fact, the internet brought a veritable explosion of content to the sector, opening new doors for Intrawelt’s commercial expansion. At Intrawelt®, we did not let this opportunity pass us by, establishing ourselves on the national and international markets with new collaborations.

At the heart of Intrawelt’s success is our philosophy of transparent project management for clients. A relationship of trust is formed from the very beginning, based on total collaboration between parties. We listen and adapt to the needs of our clients, but without compromising our workflow which has proved fundamental over the years in guaranteeing an excellent service.

Intrawelt® has grown significantly over its 26 years of business. From a small office with a team of just two, we have become a well-defined structure with 25 in-house professionals who assess the demands of a constantly evolving market every day: the establishment of the internet on a global scale has produced an exponential increase in competition, raising quality standards for language services. We do not shy away from this challenge. In fact, it only makes us more ambitious, as our offices around Italy and Europe demonstrate: from Rome, Milan and Perugia, to Munich and London. An extensive network of contacts serves as a concrete and indisputable testament to the quality of our services.

Intrawelt® has always been a leader in the sector, also in terms of technology. Back in 1991, we offered cutting-edge services thanks to the first document management systems, and today we make use of all the latest-generation project management tools: large server and databases to optimise workflow, cutting-edge software to aid the translation process and graphic and desktop-publishing services combined with many other tools that make Intrawelt® a complete solution for the management of multilingual documents from editing original drafts to creating high-resolution documents for publication.

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