Intrawelt vendor manager job

The Intrawelt® team continues to grow with the addition of our new Vendor Manager, Fabio Guidali

Here at Intrawelt® we grow a little more each day, welcoming qualified professionals to our dedicated in-house team to make us even stronger.

With this in mind, today we welcome Fabio Guidali to our team. At Intrawelt® Fabio will take on the role of Vendor Manager and will be in charge of recruitment, selection and management of our freelance partners.

Our high quality standards make Intrawelt® a leading agency in the language-services sector. A guarantee, certified by TÜV Italia according to international standards ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN 17100:2015 and UNI 10574:2007, that requires particular attention when it comes to choosing our linguists in the first phase of the production cycle of our translation and interpretation projects.

Fabio will have the task of expanding the network of translation professionals to whom we entrust our projects – at present, we regularly work with approximately 600 linguists, registered on a structured database that currently holds 4,000 profiles. He will establish partnership agreements with freelance translators and interpreters whose profile meets the quality standards and skills profile required and certified by TÜV – standards that Intrawelt® has offered to its customers for twenty-six years.

We would like to give a warm welcome Fabio and wish him good luck in his new professional adventure!

Freelance translators and interpreters that wish to work with us can register for free on our portal or contact our new Vendor Manager directly at

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