Sworn translations and Certifications: New simplified procedures for Albania

The Italian embassy in Albania has issued a Press Release establishing the new procedures for Certifications and Apostilles for documents going between Italy and Albania. In fact, starting from the first of January 2019, the new rules for authenticating translations in Albania will apply. Following the communications for the Italian embassy in Tirana, with the new year, it will be possible to also use the Apostille form for sworn translations (as established in Article 1 of the Hague Convention of 5/10/1961, implemented between Italy and Albania starting from the 1 July 2011).

Therefore, it will not be necessary to request translation authentication from the consular authorities The original document, issued by the Albanian Authorities with an Apostille and accompanied by the translation, also with an Apostille, may be presented directly to the Italian authority in Italy. The same rules will apply in reverse for documents issued by Italian authorities and presented to Albanian authorities.

Now that Albania participates in the Hague Convention and with the implementation of the new simplified procedures, documents translated by a sworn translator going from Italy to Albania will only need to have an Apostille before being sent directly to the Albanian authorities and will not need to be examined by the Public Prosecutor’s office (as is necessary for countries not participating in the Hague Convention of 1961)

In this way, the original document issued by the Italian (or vice versa Albanian) authority bearing an Apostille may be presented directly to the Albanian authorities.

With our decade of experience in the field, we have opened an office dedicated to sworn translations near the Court of Fermo. In this way, we can carefully and precisely manage the thousands of requests we receive annually and which our sworn translators take care of.

For further information or to request a quote for a sworn translation, please contact us through the dedicated page on our website https://intrawelt.com.