Spine-chilling translations

On Halloween 2018 we’ve decided to pay homage to the horrors of the translation world by showing you 10 monstrosities we’ve seen online.
But to find out how quality translations are done, click on the pumpkin!


1. #JeSuisFlamingo


2. Censored


3. Weeding time

translation fail

4. Need a technical translation?



5. Rape, more rape, a lot of rape?

True, it’s not an easy one to explain abroad, so maybe it needs some context. The “cima di rapa” is a vegetable typically grown in Southern Italy. “Rape” is only its plural, nothing violent or dangerous. “Orecchiette con le cime di rape” are a typical dish from Apulia. So nothing to do with mountains. But then again, a mountain of orecchiette wouldn’t be too bad.



6. Google translate strikes again!


7. Self-citations


8. Manicure for Edward (Scissorshand)


9. Yum!


10. R.I.P. Paul